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VVV Magazine, Founder & Editor In Chief

Dear Virtuous Woman, 

Every woman is on a journey to self-fulfillment.  Some of us realize we’re on the journey and some of us do not.  I didn’t realize I was on the journey until I turned 40.  This is when the seed for #COOKIEJARMOVEMENT began to grow.  It was at age 40 that I realized I was unfulfilled. I had been too busy living life to realize that I wasn’t experiencing it.  Life was a series of events and milestones that came and went like the seasons.  Many of these milestones were life-changing and amazing!  Graduating from college, getting married, buying a house, having children – all major accomplishments.  So, how could I be unfulfilled?   The answer did not come until my children were teenagers.  When they began spending more time with friends and activities than me, I had time to think.  I had quiet time to reflect on my life and suddenly I realized most of my life choices were based on the needs and expectations of other people.   With my children getting closer to leaving the nest and my marriage now over, what on earth would I do next?  How would I function without someone needing me? 


I had to get to know me.  That may sound strange, but the me I knew only existed in the context of someone else.  My husband’s wife, my children’s mother, my mother’s daughter.  But who was I when I stood alone?  I didn’t know, but I was excited to find out! So, I took the first steps to discover me.  This journey has been strange and uncomfortable at times because getting to know the real you is a little bit scary.  Connecting with other women on the journey has made it so much easier and a whole lot more fun!  I hope you will join me on this journey to self-fulfillment.


Realizing My Cookies Are Priceless,