Blessings in Chaos

Pandemic. Social distancing. Self-quarantine. These are words that I've  never heard of much less used in my 47 years of life. Until now.

When I left my school building on March 13th, I packed my laptop, my Principal Everything Binder as I call it, a few books and went on my way. I figured we would be out a few days, maybe a couple of weeks at most. But I was wrong. Nineteen days later, the Governor announced that all Georgia schools would remain closed for the rest of the school year.

I had spent the first three weeks complaining about my new normal. Every thought that entered my mind was related to something I couldn't do or a place that I couldn't go. I could feel the stress overtaking my body as I enveloped myself in more and more negativity. I was waiting for a news report to relieve me of my anguish, then I realized it was something I had to do  myself.

I started looking for the good in the midst of this bad situation and realized there was plenty to be found. My son was now spending a week at time with me instead of every other weekend. My daughter was home from college and sleeping in the room next door instead of 300 miles away. I could talk to my fiance' until the wee hours of the morning and make all the miles between us disappear. I was laughing, cutting up and having a glass of wine with my closest girlfriends every Tuesday night during our girls night in Zoom meetings. As if that wasn't enough, I was able to work from home and still get a paycheck, read some amazing literature and work on my next book. God is truly good, all the time!

When you feel yourself drowning in the sea of this pandemic, take yourself to a quiet place and think of the grace and goodness God has placed in your life. You will soon feel that storm subside and see the blessings in the chaos.

Realizing My Cookies Are Priceless,


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