Get that 20/20 Perfect Vision!

After complaining that I couldn't see the board in fourth grade, my mother took me to the eye doctor. I remember picking out the purple frames with the curved arms and the bright red case. When I put the glasses on and surveyed the inside of the vision store, it was as if I was seeing the world for the very first time. Is this how I should have been seeing things the whole time, I thought.

Gone were the blurry faces and unreadable signs. Everything was crisp, and clear, like someone had wiped the fog from my eyes. I excitedly walked around the mall taking in the details of every human face and storefront I could find.

"Everything is so clear!" I said to my mother.

"You've got a 20/20 view of the world now," she said, "and 20/20 vision is perfect."

When we look at ourselves and the world we live in, we have a blurred view. Our view is clouded by the people and things we have experienced in our lives. Good, bad or indifferent, every experience shapes the lens through which we see ourselves and other people.

So, how do we get an accurate look at life? By looking through the only 20/20 lens in existence. The lens of Christ.

As we start the year 2020, I'm praying for 20/20 vision. I am asking God to help me see myself and the world through His perfect lens. I may be surprised and even  a little fearful of some of the things I'll see, but it's worth it because clarity brings understanding and understanding brings wisdom. Let's put on the perfect vision of God in 2020!

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