Updated: Mar 8, 2019

The truth about healing is that sometimes it hurts. As we grow we will experience pain that will lead us to the greatest reward.

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Have you ever seen someone go through physical therapy? It's a grueling process that requires hours, weeks and sometimes months of painful exercises. When the muscles in our bodies are severely damaged, they must be re-trained to function properly. This rehabilitation process hurts. The same thing happens when we go through spiritual rehab.
The term spiritual rehab may sound foreign, but we've all been there. It starts when we find ourselves emotionally bleeding from a trauma inflicted by someone else or ourselves. A sexual indiscretion, a drug or alcohol indulgence, an abusive spouse or boyfriend - the list goes on and on. We know our wound needs treatment, but will the cure be more painful than the wound itself? The journey to healing is never short, often painful but always worth it. Find out how you can get through your spiritual rehab and on to your healing in, "I Think I Need Rehab," by Lucrecia Slater.
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