Hurry up and wait! That is the message that God has been whispering - no, actually shouting at me for the past several months.

In case you didn't know, waiting is not my thing. When I get an idea in my head, I want it planned, executed and completed yesterday. My latest backyard project is a perfect example. I decided to create a firepit area in my backyard. My budget was tight, so I decided to look for arondeck chairs. I walked into the home decor store and there sat the exact chairs I had envisioned! It was fate!

I hurriedly stacked them in my basket, got through the checkout line and dashed off to buy the firepit. Yes, it was in stock! But the box would not fit in the car with the chairs. No worries, I'd have it delivered with two-day shipping.

I get home and scope out the perfect place for the pit. In a couple of hours, I'd cut the grass, edged the backyard, moved pavers and arranged the arondeck chairs. Yes! It was going to be perfect! But my back was going to pay the price. I could already feel it throbbing.

Had I waited; I could have spared myself some pain. When God asks us to wait, he is trying to spare us some pain. When we do things in a hurry, the job may get done, but is the pain worth it? Sometimes it'sb etter to hurry up and wait.

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