1 Minute Read - Taking your cookies into consideration.

“It's not about going without, it's about going within.”

Do you ever promise yourself that you will not have casual sex anymore but find yourself still waking up to "company" in your bed? You mean it when you say, "That was the last time," and you try really hard, but inevitably you loose the battle. One more cookie has been taken from your jar. It's a disappointing and sobering feeling.

The attention, passion and desire feels good in the heat of the night, but morning brings a cold reality. You've given away something you can't get back. It's a priceless gift that only you can give. It was meant for a man that has vowed to love and cherish you, till death do you part. But the man in your bed is not that man.

Discover 5 reasons why you should keep your cookies in the jar in My Cookies are Priceless, by Angie Whitehead.

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