Updated: Mar 8, 2019

Self-Discovery: It's about you and it's about time. YOU are worth the wait.

Take Time and Wait

I stumbled across a book by Megan Goode and Devon Franklin called The Wait. In the book they chronicle their relationship from the first time they met until they got engaged in 2012. Their relationship made headlines when they became vocal about their commitment to abstinence until marriage. Wow! I thought. Let me read this book so I can see how they managed to pull this off! To my surprise, the book was not filled with magical tips on how to stay sex free (although it does have some good ones), it gives us permission to focus on ourselves. Non engaging in sex simply frees up time the time and energy we spend worrying, planning for and trying to get sex, and allows us to invest that time in ourselves. That time and energy is now recycled and spent learning about ourselves,and strengthening our minds, bodies and spirits. Take some time and wait, so you can invest in you.

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