In today's society the value of innocence is priceless!

“Let’s surround our girls with images of women that are positive and pure.”

Remember the days when girls would cover their faces and turn red when someone let a curse word slip or got a glimpse of a love scene in an R-rated movie? I’ve noticed over the years that those moments seem to be happening less and less. The situations themselves haven’t changed, but our girls reactions sure have. Have lost the value of innocence?

When our children are first born we revel in their innocence. We admire the fact that they are pure. They have not the opportunity to be tainted by the world around them because they live inside the safe bubble of protection that we provide. But what happens when we start to let go? At age four we send off to preschool. Then, at age 5 we dress them up, pack their lunches, and send them off to kindergarten. Private or public, they enter a place where we don’t know the beliefs, upbringing and character of the people that will be spending up to 6.5 hours a day with our precious gift from God. They are surrounded by other people on a daily basis that say and do things that we may not subscribe to. Whether at school, in the grocery store, at the mall, or on the ball field, our girls are bombarded with words and images that chip away at their innocence.

This is happening because the world has normalized EVERYTHING! Nudity, sex, drunkenness, adultery, homosexuality – it’s all been normalized. The top rated TV shows targeted toward women focus on adultery, deception, revenge, fornication and the idea that as long as I’m happy, all is right with the world. The world has tricked us into accepting these behaviors as okay. Let’s be sure to remind our girls that they MOST CERTAINLY ARE NOT!

Let’s surround our girls with images of women that are positive and pure. Let’s remind them that they are not adults and therefore cannot and will not be exposed to certain things. Say no to the music, TV shows, movies, books and people that promote scantily dressed women, cheating girlfriends/spouses, pre-marital sex, homosexuality, profanity, and violence. Our girls are still developing and refining who they are. They don’t need any extra pieces that weren’t intended to be in their puzzle. Take control over the pieces that your young daughter puts into her puzzle.

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